A New Era at Title Boxing

November 24, 2014 – Current Members, Family, Friends and Colleagues, we have entered a new era at TITLE Boxing Club and it is time to come join the fun!

Jennifer Van Heeswyk, Philly Mag’s 2012 Female Entrepreneur of the Year has assumed the role of General Manager! Jennifer fell in love with the culture that we have created and is a fitness and healthy life style expert. She has a long history of launching successful businesses and is positioned to take us to the next level!

This means exciting new offerings and experiences for you!!

In the 3 short weeks that Jennifer has assumed the role of GM she has balanced staffing changes while keeping the heart of our core team anchored by Noel, Teion, Tracy and Buttons. As our current members will attest, the vibe and energy in the Club is unlike anything we have experienced to-date!

Whether you are current member or not, it is time for you to come back in and experience this for yourself!

  • We have new class schedules
  • Corporate and student discounts
  • Shorter (30 minutes) classes and longer (a monster 75 minutes) classes
  • New Personal Training equipment and rates
  • This week we are offering a Black Friday Special Membership that defers payment until 2015

I would appreciate it if you would come in, bring a friend or 2, take a First Shot Free and consider joining our (new) TITLE Boxing Club Family.

I am so excited about our future! Come on in and become a part of the new TITLE Boxing Club, Malvern!

A New Era at Title Boxing