Young Professionals Network

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We are a group of Young Professionals that has a committee that meets once a month to discuss our events and plan accordingly. We try to stay engaged with all of our members to ensure we present interested topics at highly desirable locations. Members meet regularly and are young adults between the ages of 22 and 40 representing a broad range of professional backgrounds.

Learn: Learning valuable skills while expanding knowledge of new, exciting things happening in the Exton Region. Serving the community through volunteer projects in the Exton Region.

Connect: Connecting young professionals to a larger network of peers and established community members.

Our event series are comprised of Happy Hours we call “Tip Tuesday: Happy Hour with the Young Professionals Network of the ERCC”The idea is that the happy hour will incorporate the connection aspect as well as personal or professional development. in just a short 10-15 minute time frame. Tips come in all different sizes and varieties and we want to share our tips with the community.

Below are the dates to our upcoming events. Please join us!! Feel free to visit our Facebook page and like and share!!