A Brief History of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce

The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce was established in the late 1960’s as the “Exton Businessmen‘s Association” and later incorporated as the “Exton Chamber of Commerce” in 1972.  Their purpose was to lobby Harrisburg to construct the Route 30 Bypass.  Harold Martin, a founding member and former Director Emeritus of the Chamber, and the late Senator Robert J. Thompson worked tirelessly to transform Exton from a country crossroads to a commercial center.  It took approximately 16 years before construction of the bypass began and another decade before construction completed on December 22, 1995.  The road you ride on to get from Malvern to Downingtown is there because a group of business people had the vision to see the need, and the work ethic to make it happen.  The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce continues today to be led by visionary business people with a passion for making their community better today and into the future.

The mission of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce is to advance the economic success of the membership and community by providing relationship building, marketing, education, advocacy and community outreach opportunities.  For over 40 years, the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce has been focused upon meeting the diverse needs of its member businesses and has been fostering the economic growth, prosperity and exceptional quality of life of the Exton region.  As a broad-based business organization serving the Exton region and the varied and growing communities of which it is comprised, the Chamber seeks to provide its member businesses and organizations with a wide array of value-added services, benefits and programs while at the same time working to enhance the business climate and quality of life in this special part of southeast Pennsylvania.

The Chamber’s philosophy is to be “volunteer led, staff facilitated.”  Because of this structure, and the incredible work ethic of our members, the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce is able to host more events, offer more services, and provide more member benefits than most chambers of a similar size.