Another Member Benefit—the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Blog

Another Member Benefit—the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Blog

Nov 04, 2013

The Marketing and Communications Council and Chamber Web master Mark Poteet have just added another perk for Exton Region Chamber of Commerce members. By adding a search-engine friendly blog to the Web site, we’ve created yet another way for our members to showcase their expertise and direct readers to their Web sites. We’re also serving the Exton community by sharing a variety of helpful, relevant topics.

If you are an ERCC member, we’re asking you to consider guest blogging to help local businesses, residents, and visitors find information they are looking for regarding your area of expertise. To be considered for posting, your submission must:

1. Provide helpful information for those in our community or in our Chamber or both
For example: 10 Tips to Pick the Right Photographer for Your Event; 7 Local Places You Won’t Want to Miss

2. Offer timeless material whenever possible
For example: How to Save on Supplies instead of The Best Savings of May 2013

3. Make a good first impression for you and the Chamber by your text being

  • Your own original content not published anywhere else
  • Ready to use “as is”
  • Well-written
  • Devoid of offensive language
  • Grammatically correct
  • Spell-checked
  • Proofread

4. Be between 300 and 450 words in length and include

  • No direct marketing of or reference to your company, products, services, or affiliates in the text of the post or its title
  • A title including keywords that would help someone searching for this information find it
  • A byline of no more than 3 sentences that include your name, company, way you can help people, and Web site URL

5. (Optional) Include your headshot OR your company logo

Your single image must be

  • Copyrighted in your name
  • Ready to upload
  • 100 pixels x 100 pixels in size
  • JPG format

6. Be submitted electronically

  • Blog text should be in .doc or .docx format
  • Optional image needs to arrive at the same time as the blog text

By submitting material for consideration, you are agreeing to the Chamber’s Terms found in the Chamber Web site footer.

Submissions will be posted in the order in which they are received and accepted by our blogging team so please do not specify “must be published in 48 hours” or “post before this date.”

On occasion, text from Chamber Councils, Committees, and staff that meet these criteria may be posted. In these cases, the byline may read “Chamber staff” or “the Marketing and Communications Council” etc.

By Debbie Lynn Butler, the E-Content Butler, on behalf of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Marketing and Communications Council.

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Another Member Benefit—the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Blog