Channel Your Salespeople’s Great Loves

If your salespeople are like most, they love to do things that allow them to:

  • Live inside their comfort zone
  • Feel like experts
  • Have fun
  • Feel smart or important
  • Avoid rejection

In order to accomplish this, they spend their time talking about your company, talking about themselves, giving demos, presenting and offering references.  Though you may not realize it, these activities can cost you a lot of money, especially when these activities take precedence over closing sales.  We call this “Premature Satisfaction” – a state where there are a lot of sales “activities” but there isn’t any relationship-building which, ultimately, leads to lost opportunities.

To avoid this, sales people need to first build trust with clients, focus on uncovering the compelling factors behind a potential customer’s decision to purchase and help them discover if or when they might do business with your company.

If you are wondering if members of your sales team might be “satisfying prematurely,” look at the reliability and believability of your monthly sales forecasts for evidence of this. To improve your sales team’s effectiveness and revenues, they can begin by:

  • Committing to being trustworthy, sincerely interested and caring
  • Focusing on understanding personal reasons for buying
  • Committing to becoming infinitely curious and asking more questions than everyone else, and, asking more insightful and tougher questions than everyone else
  • Listening actively
  • Never making assumptions
  • Committing to continuous improvement in all of the above
  • Mastering the psychology of cooperation versus the manipulation of traditional selling

As with any employee, it’s not enough to simply be “busy”; they must also be productive. When it comes to sales people, this means meeting sales quotas and closing deals- which is the reason you are in business.


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Channel Your Salespeople’s Great Loves