ERCC Hosts “In the Know for NPO’s”: Engaging Multi-generational Donors

July, 2018 Exton, Pa: The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce held its third in the series of the “In the Know for NPO’s: Engaging Multi-Generational Donors,” sponsored by Tuttle Marketing Services, Inc. and Immaculata University on Friday, July 13.  The discussion was moderated by Mary Anne Feeley, Program Director of Leadership Chester County and Manager of Community Engagement at the United Way of Chester County. 

The expert panel was comprised of local professionals: Cynthia Jaros (Development Director, Chester County Fund for Women and Girls); Dan Koval (Corporate Initiatives Manager, Bentley Systems); Gerardina Martin (Assistant Director; West Chester University Honors College); Stephenie Stevens (Community Engagement Officer, Chester County Community Foundation).

A well-rounded perspective on the shifts in charitable giving and how to best position your organization to maximize its relationship with donors was presented and discussed by the panel.  A few of the takeaways discussed by the panel can be found below:

  • Volunteerism is very important and is most prevalent in the younger generation. Don’t discount this type of giving as they may return in the future as board members or in another capacity.  Get people in the door and engage them!
  • An organization must be prepared to use a multi-channel approach (social media, Instagram, direct mail, email) to cover how all generations receive their information. And yes, direct mail is still effective with the older generation!
  • Don’t create more work for yourself; integrate technology to work with you and implement software that tracks donors, touchpoints of communication, and giving trends. Cynthia Jaros recommends SalesForce.
  • Saying “thank you” is a valued and underestimated piece of the giving process. Thank you notes must have some sort of personalization to them (amount given, the person’s name, and a handwritten note at the bottom) or they will likely be forgotten.  Having board members or volunteers, not staff, call donors just to say thank you will go very far.
  • Additional helpful resources shared during the panel:
    • Convio’s “The Next Generation of American Giving” Report.
    • Giving Trends Report will be released in September 2018.
    • Generations of Giving and statistics handout from Stephenie at the CCCF.
    • 21/64 is a company that has tools to help with multigenerational philanthropy.


The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce is proud to support member nonprofits with an Interactive Speaker Series that will help their organizations meet the needs of their mission. Special thanks to the members of the Non Profit Council who bring us “In the Know for NPO’s.”


Don’t miss the next panel discussion in the series on Friday, October 5, 2018 at 8:00 am at Immaculata University.  The next topic is “Creating Truly Engaging Events;” don’t miss the opportunity to make your events stand out from the pack!  This event will be sponsored by Fox Rothschild, LLP.


Press Release Credit: Laura Simpson, The Crime Victim Center of Chester County.

ERCC Hosts “In the Know for NPO’s”: Engaging Multi-generational Donors