Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning, NOW!

Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning, NOW!

Apr 07, 2015

by Amanda Cassidy
Miller’s Insurance Agency Inc.



No one enjoys cleaning, but admit it: you feel like you’ve accomplished something when everything in the house shines and subtle scents of cleaning supplies are in the air. Living in a clean, organized environment just feels good! With spring upon us, we thought we’d give you our best tips on spring cleaning.
Start with the Kitchen!
The kitchen is probably the most frequently used room in your house, and the dirtiest! So get the toughest job out of the way first, and the rest of the house will be a breeze. Begin with your stove, as it’s used all the time, and consequently covered in grease and bacteria. Attempting to clean this last will only dirty-up the surrounding areas which you’ve already cleaned.

The Bathroom
There’s nothing worse than showering in a dirty bathroom, and shower curtain liners get gross quickly! While they’re easily replaceable, you can quickly clean the one you already have! Throw it in the washer with a couple towels. The towels will help scrub off any residue and it will come out sparkling clean!

The Bedroom
When it comes to cleaning out your bedroom, it’s best to start with your closet. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t wear anymore. Rearrange your wardrobe in a way that makes sense to you; this can be by color or by ease of morning routine. This will make your everyday routine so much easier.

Wash and pack away all of your winter clothes, and unpack those shorts and t-shirts. Although you likely washed these before storing them away for the winter, it’s a good idea to throw these in the washer as well.

Multitasking is Key
Don’t think of chores as a horrible punishment for owning a house. In fact, you can do a lot of your chores with ease while you do other things. For instance, fold some laundry, sweep the floor, dust your coffee table, or scrub some dishes next time you’re catching up with an old friend on the phone. By the time you’re off the phone you’ll be halfway done your to-do list.

Take pride in your home and portray it in a way that reflects the people who live in it. Keeping a clean and organized house does wonders for your peace of mind, and makes you feel much less stressed-out.


Get a Head Start on Your Spring Cleaning, NOW!