Get Rid of Expectations and Embrace Expectancy!

Have you ever had a big event marked on the calendar and eagerly awaited the special day to arrive?  Maybe it was a planned vacation, wedding day, first day on a new job, a conference to hear your favorite speaker, the grand opening of your new business, or maybe even your guys or girls annual weekend away.

Is it just me or isn’t it easy to find yourself dreaming about the event…the things you will do, people you will meet, conversations you will have, etc.

Sounds Great, But Be Careful!

Of course it is ok to let your mind go and get excited where you are going but if we go too far with the play out, in our minds we may be setting ourselves up for more disappointment, frustration, and big time discouragement.

What happens if we hold onto the perfect event planned out in our mind and it turns out to be something different?

If we place an expectation on our time, we may miss the hidden beauty and interesting pathways off of the main road towards our destination.

Having expectancy is different! When we walk in expectancy, there is a great anticipation of some good and wonderful things, but the play out of those things are to be held onto loosely. In other words, we plan, we prepare, we dream, however, don’t control your plans.  When we control, it is difficult to embrace the unique and beautiful twists and turns that life has for us.

Case in point, I always encourage a business leader to develop a business plan, but equally encourage them to hold onto it with an open hand.  If they do not, they may miss the unique opportunities that await them for greater influence and increased revenue. Expectancy sets us up for success, whereas expectations set us up for failure!

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Get Rid of Expectations and Embrace Expectancy!