Getting Ready for Spring Golf!

By John Kellogg-Head Golf Professional at Radley Run Country Club since 1988

The good weather has arrived. The golf course is beginning to green up. You have spent the winter watching golf on TV and now your time to tee it up has come. Hopefully, you have been working out and keeping your body in golf shape over the winter. For those of you who haven’t here are a few keys to get back on track.

When you come out to play or hit balls for the 1st time be sure you stretch your body. Going at it too hard and fast without a proper warm up is a recipe for injury. The last thing you want to do is start the season on the sidelines. There is a local golf fitness company based in Conshohocken called FitGolf and they specialize in the body and how to make it perform better for golf. If you go to their website ( there are numerous exercises designed for different parts of the body with illustrations of how to do them properly. There are far too many to list here so I would encourage you to pick a few to do every time before you play.

Make this the year you are going to let your mind be an asset for you and not your greatest enemy. So many golfers let one bad shot ruin the entire round. Often times they are playing a shot looking at the hazards and danger ahead of them and they are silently telling themselves do not hit it in that hazard. Unfortunately, the mind now has a clear picture of the hazard and does all it can to make the body make a swing that brings the hazard into play. The idea here is to tell your mind what you want to happen. For instance you may want to pick a mower stripe in the fairway and let that be your focus.
Pick a small target and swing aggressively to that target. There are many books written on how to use your mind in a positive manner. My favorite are the books by Bob Rotella who has worked with many tour players and average golfers. You may recognize “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” or “Golf is a Game of Confidence”.

Be sure your equipment is ready to go for the season. If you are not replacing your clubs the number one way to make your clubs feel and perform well is to replace your grips. When you allow your grips to get slick you must hold the club too tightly to keep control and that is never good for golf. Also check your wedges to be sure they still have grooves that will provide spin. Because they are clubs that you use often their grooves may wear quicker than the others. A typical sand wedge will lose about 20% of its spin after just 300 bunker shots.

John Kellogg
Head Golf Professional at Radley Run Country Club since 1988
Head Golf Professional at Centre Hills Country Club 1985-1987
Assistant Golf Professional at Philadelphia Cricket Club, Mayacoo Lakes and West Palm Beach CC
PGA member since 1984
2 Time Philadelphia PGA Horton Smith Winner for leadership in education
Education Chairman Philadelphia PGA for 5 Years
Served on Philadelphia PGA Board of Directors
Member of Philadelphia PGA Tournament Players Division

Getting Ready for Spring Golf!
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