Have You Joined The ERCC Members LinkedIn Group?

Have You Joined The ERCC Members LinkedIn Group?

Mar 13, 2015

by Debbie Lynn Butler
the E-Content Butler 

The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce provides multiple opportunities for you to market your business. Since March 2009, ERCC members have had their very own LinkedIn group for networking and promotion purposes. Are you taking advantage of this members-only benefit? It’s a great place for you to

• Increase your online visibility
• Start a business discussion
• Respond to questions and share your expertise
• Get to know other ERCC members
• (Re)introduce yourself/your organization and tell us how you can help others
• Post company news, events, special deals, and job openings
• Experiment with all LinkedIn groups have to offer and do so among friends
Before this blog existed, the LinkedIn group was also a place to share tidbits of useful business or Exton-area information and to provide ERCC Council or Committee updates. We, the Marketing and Communications Council, now hope you will share that kind of content in a blog post. Here’s all you need to know to do so: https://www.ercc.net/wp/news-events/ercc-blog/welcome-exton-region-chamber-commerces-blog/

Even if you never intend to blog, we hope you will participate in the LinkedIn group. It doesn’t cost anything and is open to all current members of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce who are willing to identify themselves by name (no nicknames or initials please).

To join, log in to your LinkedIn account and search for “Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Members.” Click where Groups and the Chamber logo is displayed. You should be redirected to a page with the Group Profile and a Join button. Click Join and your request will be approved after your ERCC membership is confirmed.

Go ahead. Increase your online visibility and share your expertise. Join the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Members LinkedIn group today.


Have You Joined The ERCC Members LinkedIn Group?