Market Viewpoint, LLC – an “Elite” Mystery Shopping Company

Fajardo, Puerto Rico: October, 2016- Market Viewpoint named an “Elite” Mystery Shopping Company. Glenmoore, PA research firm awarded MSPA-NA’s Elite Status at CXE3 Conference.

The palm trees were swaying in the background as the surf was rolling in – all a perfect setting for Angela Megasko, CEO of Market Viewpoint, LLC, the premier mystery shopping company,, to accept the trade organization MSPA-NA’s Elite Award for 2017 at their annual CXE3 Conference at the Waldorf Astoria in Fajardo.

Based in Glenmoore, PA, Megasko cites her firm’s receipt of this award as a reflection of company-wide efforts for excellence at every step of the mystery shopping process.

“Mystery shopping reports provide information to assist clients in all industries to make sound hiring, training and operational decisions based on feedback provided from mystery shoppers posing as real customers. There is not one step of the process that does not receive a personal touch from our staff.

Market Viewpoint’s new customer concierge, account managers, schedulers, editors, data analysts and programmers focus each day on delivering informative, quantitative and qualitative evaluations of customer experiences to our clients,” says Megasko. “Serving on the board of the MSPA-NA and as Chairwoman of the Independent Contractor Relations Committee keeps me focused on encouraging our team of independent contractor mystery shoppers to become educated, certified shoppers, assuring our clients’ confidence in receiving credible and beneficial customer research.”


MSPA-NA (formerly Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America),, is the trade association representing the customer service experience industry throughout North America. Mystery shopping companies and mystery shoppers can be members of the organization. Each year, MSPA-NA awards the “Elite” status to those mystery shopping and research companies who shoulder the advancement of the customer experience industry through active involvement in MSPA-NA.


For 20 years, Angela Megasko has owned and operated Market Viewpoint, LLC, working with Fortune 500 companies worldwide in assessing the levels of customer service their staff provides to their customers. In business circles, Angela is known as “Jane Bond” – a nickname that came about as a result of the work she does in the secret shopping world. She is the go-to resource for effective strategies that maximize the profitability of customer relationships.


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Market Viewpoint, LLC – an “Elite” Mystery Shopping Company