Member Spotlight

ERCC Member Spotlight logoThe member spotlight was created to give members an opportunity to showcase themselves to their fellow Chamber members and to the community.  The business that wins the member spotlight will be featured for one month on  the Chamber’s website




Michelle Venema, CEO, Home of the Sparrow



What is your position with Home of the Sparrow and how long have you worked for Home of the Sparrow?

I am the CEO of Home of the Sparrow and I’ve been with the organization for three years in November, 2019


In a nutshell, what does Home of the Sparrow provide its customers? How would you describe Home of the Sparrow to a potential client?

Home of the Sparrow is on the front lines of preventing homelessness for women and children in Chester County. WE partner with women facing homelessness to secure housing, achieve long-term stability and chart new paths for their futures.

Tell us about Home of the Sparrow’s history and any unique facts. What makes Home of the Sparrow stand out from others?

Home of the Sparrow just celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a Gala held at the Phelps School! 25 years ago.  Last year we increased the number of women and children served from 549 the previous year to 742 last year.  This year, our fiscal year ends in June, we will have helped close to 800 women and children with housing instability.

What do you do to serve your clients best?

Our priority is prevention and our programs work to ensure that women and children never face the trauma of homelessness. We provide targeted interventions that are individualized to each participant and their family using a trauma informed approach.  We use a strengths-based and inter-generational approach to help the move up the economic ladder creating realistic stability plans.  WE also make sure we collaborate with many other non-profits within the Chester County Community.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

Our proudest accomplishments happen every day. Each time we prevent a mom and her children from losing her home, we have changed lives.  No one can ask for a better accomplishment than preventing homelessness.  When women and children have secure and stable housing they can focus on education, finding a better paying wage, and reducing expenses creating the financial stability needed to thrive on Chester County.

Why is Home of the Sparrow a member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce?

ERCC has a directed focus on the nonprofit community. They provide opportunities to intereact with one another, to learn via the educational series and spreads the word of our missions.  They are a powerful resource making connections and providing opportunity and support.  Love ERCC!