Now Recruiting West Whiteland Township Residents & Business Owners

West Whiteland Township is gathering information about how we can better communicate with and support our township residents and business owners. We’re conducting four virtual focus groups in which we’ll seek open, honest feedback and information. This information will be used to help us in developing future information, communication, and even services. If you’d be willing to participate in a virtual focus group, please RSVP to by Friday, October 9.


The four focus groups will have a maximum number of 20 participants and include:

(1) existing residents (greater than 1 year)    Thurs., Oct. 15      7PM – 8:30PM

(2) new residents (less than 1 year)                 Wed., Oct. 21        7PM – 8:30PM

(3) township volunteers; and                            Tues., Oct. 27        7PM – 8:30PM

(4) business owners                                         Thurs, Oct. 29       7PM – 8:30PM


Beth Trapani of Trapani Communications will facilitate the focus groups. (NOTE: No Township staff will be in attendance.) The Township will receive recommendations on how to better inform the community through future communications.  Thank you for your time and we hope that you decide to participate!

Now Recruiting West Whiteland Township Residents & Business Owners

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