Outsourcing your Business Dictation

Outsourcing your Business Dictation

Jan 23, 2015

by Beth Powers


In today’s world of “get it done quickly at a reasonable cost”, you can achieve the best of both by outsourcing the transcription of your recorded audio. Many companies today record portions of their responses to RFPs, expert opinion and findings, business meetings, board meetings, focus groups, brainstorming sessions, sales meetings, conference calls and round table discussions. By outsourcing these valuable recordings to a transcription service, you will not only save time and money, you will also receive high quality, professionally completed transcripts in a very short amount of time, typically less than one day. Voice mail messages can also be transcribed and emailed/shared with employees who work remotely or are away from the office.
Your office support staff will be available to take on other, possibly more pressing tasks that need to be completed and will not need to be burdened with correcting and editing completed documents and other clerical tasks that are associated with transcription. Often times the recorded audio will take a backseat to other responsibilities that appear to be more important. By outsourcing your business audio, a company will utilize their office support staff more proficiently and efficiently.
Insurance companies and insurance claims adjusting companies can benefit in a big way by outsourcing their audio files, including but not limited to recorded statements, letters to claimants, letters to insurers, and ongoing negotiation settlements to name a few. Outsourcing these projects allows for continuity of each individual process for clients and streamlining of claims, as these are typically multifaceted. The frequent urgency of these types of correspondence warrants the consideration of outsourcing to improve accuracy and turnaround time.
In summary, below is a partial list of examples of business recordings that can be outsourced to help your business perform more efficiently.
• Response to RFP
• Expert opinion and findings
• Business Meetings
• Board meetings
• Focus groups
• Brainstorming sessions
• Sales meetings
• Conference calls
• Round table discussions
• Insurance claims/letters/settlements
• Voice mail messages


Outsourcing your Business Dictation