REGIONAL RAIL UPDATE: TrailPass Refund and Fare Credit Details

SEPTA updated customers today on the Regional Rail service plan that has been implemented to provide service following the removal of the Silverliner V rail fleet from service over the discovery of a structural defect.  SEPTA also outlined the plan for customers to receive refunds or credits on future TrailPass purchases.


Customers are encouraged to continue to check for schedule information and service updates.  This page is also accessible through SEPTA’s homepage –  SEPTA continues to work with our City, County and peer rail systems to put in place additional service, secure additional parking near our extensive transit network and add railroad capacity.

Customers experienced service delays and full trains during the morning rush, and SEPTA anticipates greater passenger volume tomorrow as more customers return from 4th of July vacations.  Service has been bolstered on city and suburban transit routes to help provide options for displaced riders.  We encourage customers who board at stations closer to Center City to consider these options, especially during rush hour when conditions are expected to be most crowded.  Customers can visit: for information about alternate service from their stations.


In response to the impact on customers from the Silverliner V portion of the rail fleet being taken out of service, SEPTA will provide refunds and credits for customers who have purchased Weekly and Monthly Regional Rail TrailPasses.

The refunds and credits are for customers who purchased Weekly Regional Rail TrailPasses for the week starting Monday, July 4, and those who bought Monthly Regional Rail TrailPasses valid July 1-31.

Refund Instructions:

To receive refunds, customers will have to mail their passes to SEPTA no later than Thursday, July 7Envelopes must be post-marked July 7 or earlier.  Please note “Silverliner V Pass Refund” on the envelope, place the refund-eligible Regional Rail TrailPass inside and mail it to:


P.O. Box 58609

Philadelphia, PA 19102-8849

A check will be sent to the address provided by the customer.

Fare Credit:

For customers who want to continue using their TrailPass this week and for July, SEPTA will offer a credit on a future purchase.  The credits can be redeemed on any pass purchase made through Monday, Oct. 10.  These are the credits SEPTA is making available for TrailPass holders:

Weekly Regional Rail TrailPass Credits (passes valid the week that began Monday, July 4):

·         Zone 1, 2 and Cross-County Weekly TrailPasses:             $5 credit

·         Zone 3 and Anywhere Weekly TrailPasses:                      $10 credit


Monthly Regional Rail TrailPass Credits (passes valid July 1-31):

·         Zone 1 and Cross-County:             $20

·         Zone 2:                                          $25

·         Zone 3:                                          $30

·         Anywhere:                                     $35

REGIONAL RAIL UPDATE: TrailPass Refund and Fare Credit Details