Sweetness Revealed Through Chocolate Talk & Tasting

Exton, PA  Explore the tastes, myths and history of cocoa with Arlene Adam, Independent Founding Curator with The Cocoa Exchange™. This free discussion and chocolate tasting takes place at the Chester County Library & Distribution Center, 450 Exton Square Pkwy, Exton, PA 19341 on September 27 from 7–8 PM.

Chocolate! Be an Educated Consumer uncovers the centuries old history of the cocoa bean, from the Aztecs in the ancient rainforests of South America to modern day discoveries. Arlene reveals the true meaning of those 70% cacao labels on dark chocolates and shows the best way to savor the beloved confection. With Arlene’s expert help, participants experience the art of tasting chocolate through sampling several different brands.

“This is sure to be a fun, delicious, and informative session. I’ll share some cocoa-inspired anecdotes. Learn my Chocolate Purchasing 101 tips and the importance of sustainability. See how you fare with chocolate trivia questions. And let your taste buds be your guide.”— Arlene Adam, Independent Curator, The Cocoa ExchangeTM

Help the community become educated chocolate consumers by sharing the details of this free event. To attend, visit the Chester County Library & Distribution Center’s registration page at https://tinyurl.com/y93ehbnm. Contact Arlene Adam at 610-716-2685 or ChocolateJoyability@yahoo.com for more information.


Arlene Adam’s chocolate journey began at her home nearly a decade ago, when she decided to share tasting experiences with others after seeing a segment on the evening news. Her travels and knowledge expanded beyond her front door, into Punta Cana, St. Kitts and cocoa plantations in the Dominican Republic. She shares her passion for cocoa through personal and business gifting, fundraising, cocoa classes, business team building sessions, and sweet and savory tasting experiences.

Sweetness Revealed Through Chocolate Talk & Tasting