The Benefits of Playing Golf

The Benefits of Playing Golf

Jan 09, 2015
Play A Round Golf

Grant Griffiths, Director of Learning Activities

Golf is great exercise…so choose golf courses you can walk.

It might seem like golf is a casual walk around the course, but you actually exceed 10,000 steps, which is the daily guideline for exercise recommended by medical experts to maintain good health. Not only are you walking, but also carrying your bag or pulling a cart, which makes golf an excellent choice for fun and fitness.

Golf makes you think strategically…a great tool for business.

Have you ever missed that two-foot putt during your round and blamed it on concentration? Golf is a strategic game that requires a great deal of mental sharpness and coordination in order to shoot lower scores. By playing more golf, you are giving your brain an excellent workout, and making you smarter for that next business challenge or club competition.

Golf helps reduce stress.

You’ve had a tough week at the office and that big project is due on Monday morning. You call your friends, tee off early on Saturday morning and let those endorphins start kicking in! That’s what golf is all about.

Golf is a game that makes you happy and excited.

You never know on the day if you are going to shoot a record low score, make a hole-in-one or win some money from your friends. A day out on the course takes your mind off work and allows you to feel refreshed by the time Monday arrives.

Let us know if we can give you a hand learning “the greatest game.”


The Benefits of Playing Golf