Welcome to the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce’s blog!

Welcome to the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce’s blog!

Oct 22, 2013
Earlier this year the Marketing Council was charged with the task of finding new and creative ways for our members to market themselves to not only other Chamber members but to the community, as well.  One of the many wonderful ideas they developed is a Chamber blog; a place where Chamber members can submit articles about what is happening in their industry and showcase their expertise on the subject.

We are now asking you to consider guest blogging to help local businesses, residents, and visitors explore Exton.  To be considered for posting, your submission must be:

1.  Helpful to those in our community or in our Chamber or both.

For example: 10 Tips to Pick the Right Photographer for Your Event; 7 Places You Won’t Want to Miss

2.  Timeless information whenever possible.

For example: How to Save on Supplies instead of The Best Savings of May 2013

3.  A good reflection on you and the Chamber so it can be used “as is” by being

  • Well-written
  • Devoid of offensive language
  • Grammatically correct
  • Spell-checked
  • Proofread

4.  Between 300 and 450 words and include:

  • No direct marketing of or reference to your company, products, services, or affiliates in the text of the post or its title
  • A title including keywords that would help someone searching for this information find it
  • A byline of no more than 3 sentences that include your name, company, way you can help people, and website URL

5.  When you submit material as a guest blogger for the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, you are guaranteeing by your submission that you:

  • Own the copyright to all content submitted including but not limited to text, images, taglines, and logos
  • Give ERCC the right to publish your post on their blog
  • Assume responsibility for all copyright disputes resulting from the publication of your material on the ERCC blog
  • Still retain the copyright to your original work – you are not giving ERCC members or Website visitors the right to plagiarize although you may choose to invite people to share your content for non-commercial purpose with full attribution

6.  Please do not send in a guest post if you

  • Do not own the copyrights
  • Have not secured written permission from the copyright owner(s) to use copyrighted material and have not included scanned copies of granted permission with your submission
  • Do no agree with these stipulations

To read our entire terms and agreements click here.

Guest posts may be submitted to chamber@ercc.net with Chamber Blog Post in the subject line.  Once posted, your blog will remain on the website for a minimum of one week and will then be archived.

Submissions will be posted in the order in which they are received and accepted so please do not specify “must be published in 48 hours” or “post before this date.”

On occasion, blogs from Chamber staff, Councils, and Committees will be posted to keep you informed of the goings-on in the Chamber.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.  Happy Blogging!

Welcome to the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce’s blog!